How to Install Wood Acoustic Board Wall Covering?

2017-09-26 20:46:53



installation method: 

1.Preparation before installation and requirements for installation location: 

*The installation site must be dry, the minimum temperature should not be less than 10 Degrees Celsius. 

*The maximum humidity change after installation should be controlled in the range of 40% -60%. 

*The installation site must meet the above specified humidity standards at least 24 hours prior to installation. 

*Sound-absorbing panels must be placed in the installation site for 48 hours, so that the sound absorption board can adapt to the indoor environment and fix. 

*The walls covered by the acoustic panels must install the keel according to the design drawings or construction drawings requirement, and level the keel. Keel arrangement ruler and the sound-absorbing panels must be arranged to adapt to the spacing of 300-600mm. 

*If you use wood keel, the distance from wood keel surface to the base is generally 50mm in accordance with the specific requirements. Wood keel screen flatness and versatility error should not be greater than 0.5mm. 


2.Slot wood sound-absorbing panel is fixed by the exclusive keel of the slot wood sound-absorbing panels 

*Fix the slotted sound-absorbing board specially with a keel or a screw to the keel. 

*Insert the fastener YI02, YI03 with the keel,the spacing of the fasteners should allow the slotted sound-absorbing panels to be fixed. 

*Sound-proof board installation order should follow the principle from left to right, from top to bottom. 

*If you need to adjust the location of sound-absorbing panels, you only need to adjust the clip YI02, YI03.

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