How Do Gymnasiums Achieve the Best Acoustical effect?

2018-04-17 17:07:29

Gymnasium buildings should determine its acoustic design indicators based on their type, grade, size, use and use characteristics, and achieve the corresponding measures in the design of the use of indicators. When there are many functions to use, you should determine the acoustic indicators based on its main function, and take into account other functions through the sound reinforcement system. 


Acoustic treatment program should be combined with the structure, the audience and the venue configuration, speaker settings and fire, moisture and other requirements. When handling sound absorption, reflection and avoid acoustic defects in the game hall, the natural sound source, sound reinforcement loudspeaker should be regarded as the main sound source and sound reinforcement design coordination to start work.

The studio, commentator room, voice control room for sports building radio and television room should be required for acoustic processing, so that it reaches the intended instruction. Practice room, athlete lounge, coaching room should set up cable and intercom systems based on facility level, which shall comply with the required allowable noise standards.

The acoustic design of the stadium should meet the following requirements when using the sound reinforcement system:
1.There is enough sound level in the auditorium to meet the necessary functions and requirements of the sports venues.
2.All auditoriums are covered by sound reinforcement.
3.There is enough clarity to convey the language.
4.Reduce the interference to off-site.
5.Structural safety, easy operation, easy maintenance, wind resistance and rain resistance, reliable performance.

The reverberation time of the stadium should be 80% of the audience, design calculation and acceptance on the basis of this. The competition hall of the comprehensive gymnasium should be in accordance with the level and volume of the full field 500 ~ 1000HZ reverberation time index and the frequency reverberation time relative to the 500 ~ 1000HZ reverberation time ratio.

Next, I will introduce several high quality sound insulation materials for you:

1.Wood sound-absorbing panels (slot wood sound-absorbing panels) is a slot resonant sound absorption material slot on the front of the MDF and perforate on the back. Wood sound-absorbing panels (slot wood sound-absorbing panels) have excellent noise reduction sound effects according to the principle of acoustics, which have particularly good medium and high frequency sound absorption effect.

Yiacoustic wood sound absorption board substrate: Yiacoustic wood sound-absorbing panels use 12/15 / 18mm thick high-quality MDF (MDF) as the substrate, the density of 750kg / M3.

Sound absorber substrate type: Ordinary board, E1 environmental protection board, B1 grade flame retardant board, glass magnesium composite board and other materials.

2.The perforated sound absorbing plate is attached to the wall by means of a sound absorbing material, because the sound waves send into some porous, breathable or fibrous material, due to friction and viscous resistance and fiber thermal conductivity, part of the sound can be consumed, thus achieving the effect of noise reduction and avoid indoor reverberation. It is a better way to handle indoor noise.

Perforated sound-absorbing panels are available for a variety of colors, customers can choose according to needs and the surrounding environment. As the the hole and arrangement of perforated plate have multiple changes, so it can not only play a good sound-absorbing effect, but also achieve an excellent decorative effect.

3.Fabric covered sound-absorbing panels
The professionally designed Leeyin sound-absorbing decorative panels, acoustic adjustment is convenient, and can provide users with the best acoustic solution. In addition to acoustic requirements, fabric sound absorption decorative panel finishes have colorful options, can develop based on the user’s individual requirements, to provide the greatest possibility to achieve your goals.

How to Install Wood Acoustic Board Wall Covering?

How to Install Wood Acoustic Board Wall Covering?

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