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Sound Diffusion Acoustic Diffuser Bass Trap for Studio Room

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Acoustic Diffuser

Sound diffusion is the efficacy by which sound energy is spread evenly in a given space. A perfectly diffusive sound space is one that has certain key acoustic properties which are the same anywhere in the space. A non-diffuse sound space would have considerably different reverberation time as the listener moved around the room. Acoustic diffuser is not only for sound diffusion, but also remove coloration and echoes. It is widely used in music room, recording room, church, multi-functional room, theatre, concert hall, etc.

The acoustic diffuser can create a sense of space for the human ears. At the same time, it will increase the brightness of the sound when it is diffused in the middle and high frequencies. Its reflection direction is roughly a semicircle, and the sound energy will be averagely diffused. Another effect of QRD diffuser is when the reflective surface is a QRD diffuser, because sound waves diffuse in a semicircular direction, there are countless reflection paths of different frequency bands converge at the listening position, and so forth, there are countless convergence points of the same nature, this will invisibly expand the listening area. 





Solid Wood


natural wood color, or spray painted


Using nail or air-gun to nail it on the wall or ceiling

Acoustic diffuser details
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1) DIY models can be customized as per your drawings

2) Stylish appearance, modern designs

3) Performance of both acoustic and decoration

4) For more than the band’s sound diffusion and reflection

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Acoustic Diffusers

QRD diffuser is a sequenced grid that is calculated strictly according to the QRD theoretical formula. Its groove depth and width can produce uniform diffuse reflection under omnidirectional and multi-angle incident sound conditions. It makes the human voice suppler; the high frequency becomes more full, and makes the small space have the effect of the hall.

Acoustic diffusors can not only as sound diffusion, but also remove coloration and echoes. Sound diffusers are often used in combination with other materials such as sound absorbers, bass traps, ceiling clouds or other provisions to achieve the desired results for the application. The are often used in music training rooms ,recording rooms, churches, multi- functional rooms ,theatres, concert halls and so on.



Theaters, concert halls, vocal rooms, recording studios, audio-visual rooms and other places with high sound quality requirements.

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