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Soundproof MgO Sound Insulation Panel and Sound Reduction Board

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MgO Sound Insulation Board

This kind of board is environment-friendly material which is made one product modeling by using the modern new technology after many years of research and technical innovation. The material has a wide scope of application.

It can replace the wooden board. That is, it can be applied in the indoor partition wall and ceiling decoration in office

building, hotel and mall etc., and also be used in such industries as furniture manufacturing, fireproofing door and ventilation pipe and other industries where board materials are needed.

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MgO Sound Insulation Board


















Fire proof reinforce




Sound insulation




(MgO Sound Insulation Board) Features:

1.100%free of asbestos, no smoke or poison in case of fire, creating a green and healthy living space.

2. Super strong heat insulation performance, which saves cold and hot energy.

3. Good fireproofing performance, with incombustibility reaching Grade GB8624-2006A1.

4.Fast and convenient construction, which improves working efficiency.

5.The basic materials have high strength, good stability and good flexibility without any deformation.

6. Superior sound insulation performance, which ensures peaceful and environment.

7. Water resistant and moisture resistant, free from the impact of condensed bead or moist air.

8.The board is light ,ageing-resistant and has a long performance life.

9. Protection against mould, bacterium, insects and termites.

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Installation Instructions

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Use for Wall

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Use for Ceiling

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If you need to work out an excellent sound insulation system, you can consider the MLV, MgO Sound Insulation Board and fiberglass (Acoustic) Foam. The methods as below:

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1. Connect the MLV with the concrete wall by nail or glue.

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2. Screw the keels for preparing.

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3. Insert/Fill the acoustic foam as a second layer.

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4. Install the MgO Panel with the keels.

5. Cover the surface with Wall paper, Painting or others as decoration.

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